Tactical + Door Gunnery Training

We offer training missions by tactical scenarios for the entire crew, including gunners

Tactical Training includes Door Gunners training.

Mission Planning (FRAGO, ATO, ACO, Threat, Mission Briefing), Mission Execution and Mission Debrief (analysis of the mission recording).

The tactical Training is designed for 2 complete crews.

Minimum duration of the tactics course is 5 working days for max 4 crews.

The tactical scenarios can be prepared/modified according to client´s requirements.

Tactical scenarios: Concealed approach/departure, door gunnery, tactical formations, evasion training, vehicle interdiction, convoy escort, air assault, JTAC/FAC, JPR etc.

Theoretical preparation 03 hours / Mission planning 12 hours/ Simulator training 06 hours.

Theoretical preparation includes Mission planning key elements, tactical 3D maneuvres, mutual support, CRM, helicopter threats, brevity codes, various standard tac forms.

Contact us for modification or quotation and other service requirements.