Flight simulator

The simulator manufactured by CSTS "Dinamika" in accordance with applicable specifications for FSTD FTD Level 3

The cabin is an exact duplicate of the real Mi-171 cockpit fully compatible with the use of night vision goggles. All control elements are real and they are equipped with load mechanisms simulating real responses to actual flight, including helicopter vibration.

Another part of the cabin is a system of vibrating seats. The vibrations are set for a variety of flight phases which aids the pilot in the recognition of particular flight phases.

The state-of-the-art visual system consists of 8 projectors, covering a panoramic projection plan area.

The continuous visual field of view is 210° horizontally and 60° vertically.

Real engine and rotor sounds provide an authentic flight atmosphere during all operations as well as all other real operational sounds.


The following simulated conditions are available
during flight operations


There are two instructor stations available. One is located inside the simulator cabin and the other is located outside. Both instructor stations are equipped to carry out the following tasks:

  • Check of the Operability and functionality of simulator systems
  • Selection of Training flight scenario
  • Flight parameter control
  • Radio communication
  • Simulation of helicop­ter systems and power unit failures
  • Recording of flight parameters into a file, af­ter-flight analysis and objective evaluation of flight results

Libor Ostřanský
business manager
+420 724 033 214
Zdeněk Dostál
head of training
+420 606 885 609
Luděk Rotrekl
instructor of training
+420 605 459 233
Pavel Zapletal
instructor of training
+420 702 058 288
Ivan Butkay
FE instructor
+420 725 699 659
Jiří Bakule
FE instructor
+420 603 723 974

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