Flight training

Comprehensive theoretical training conducted by a qualified and experienced team of instructors
Recurrent Training + Dust and Emergency procedures

Recurrent training for pilots and flight engineers.

Recurrent IFR + Emergency procedures

Recurrent IFR + Emergency training for pilots and fligh engineers.

Initial NVG

Introduce to Initial NVG training course for Mi – 17 / 171 pilots

Emergency + Abnormal

The minimum duration of this course is 5 days

Formation flights

Formation Flights procedures DAY / NIGHT

Dust / Snow Conditions flight

Procedures for Take-off and Landing

IFR Training

Procedures IFR, IMC, DAY / NIGHT + (Minima)

Mountains Operation Course

Procedures in mountain area

Underslung + Bambi operation

Training courses can be modified according to client´s requirements

Instructor Course

Instructor Duties Course Day / Night / VFR / IFR

Two classrooms are equipped with a CBT system. 24 pilots or board engineers can attend the CBT class at a time. There is also a projection system in each classroom which assists the instructors.

The CBT system aims to prepare the flight crew in training on a theoretical basis for all possible situations which may occur aboard an Mi-17/171 as well as for Abnormal and Emergency Procedures. The CBT system also explains the technical systems of the Mi-17/171.

Training is led by highly qualified and experienced flight instructors and ground training instructors either in Czech, English or Russian. With an interpreter, we can offer courses in the French, Spanish and Portuguese language.


Cockpit familiarization


Navigation and Communication equipment


Fuselage and Engines


Emergency and Abnormal Situations


Flight and Operational limitations


Knowledge Testing Module


We offer a range of simulated flight training programs for Mi-17/Mi-171 (Mi-8 MT, Mi-8 MTV, Mi-8 AMT) personnel.

Our offer of training programs includes elementary and type training, recurrent training, practice of emergency and abnormal procedures, VFR/IFR and DAY/NIGHT training, training of flight in extreme conditions (adverse weather, water, snow), flights with the use of night vision goggles (real ANVIS-9 goggles), tactical training, door gunner training, training of dusty environment flights and flights in mountain area.

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