Tactical training

We offer training missions by tactical scenarios for the entire crew, including gunners

Tactical training is mentored by tactical instructors (English native speakers) from trained unit. There are two instruktor stations available. Both instructor stations are equipped to carry out the following tasks:

  • Monitoring the operability and functionality of simulator systems
  • Generating and editing of the tactical scenario
  • Formation flights with mutual support
  • Insertion of stationary/moving entities during the mission
  • Monitoring flight data
  • Radiocommunication
  • Simulation of helicopter systems and power unit failures
  • Detailed mission record for de-brief

Ondřej Truxa
tactical training manager
+420 702 011 556

We offer mission training according to a tactical scenario for complete crews including board shooters for different types of helicopters.


Practical training on Mi-171 helicopter tactical simulator

Tactical + Door Gunnery Training

Training missions by tactical scenarios for the entire crew, including gunners.

Operational English Language

Course for Door Gunners (OELC-DG)


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