Tactical simulator

We offer training missions by tactical scenarios for the entire crew, including gunners

The cabin corresponds to the proportions of the real helicopter interior, the platform is inbuilt in solid welded structure. The instruments and switches are displayed on 12 rectangular touch-screen panels.

The system is currently configured as Mi-171Sh, different helicopter instrument layout can be implemented.

The tactical simulator has a door gunner cabin with PKM machine gun model, having virtual googles visualisation.

Door Gunner cabin is equipped with 7 cameras to scan the gunner and machine gun movements through the sensors located on machine gun and virtual googles helmet.  The simulator programmed door gunnery ballistics corresponds to the real system characteristics.

The visual system consists of six LED 65‘ TV panels, ideally placed to provide the panoramic scenery. Graphics generator simulates sceneries with all the related items (runways, buildings, illumination, weather conditions, visibility, day/night). The terrain database contains all items/textures as in the real scenery, all in high definition. The moving (flying) or stationary entities and effects can be inserted through tactical scenarios editor (persons, vehicles, aircraft, AA systems, radio-navigational aids, buildings). Selected entities can act against the simulated helicopter.

4 loudspeakers provide an authentic engine, rotor and machine gun sounds, generating almost real flight conditions.

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