Recurrent IFR + Emergency procedures

Recurrent IFR + Emergency training for pilots and fligh engineers

We would like to introduce our syllabus  for Recurrent IFR + Emergency training for pilots and flight engineers.  The minimum duration of this course is 7 days (1 day ARR, 5 working days, 1 day of DEP).

Training Course Syllabus Mi-17

Ground School

  • Mi 171 systems
  • IFR procedures Theory
  • Abnormal, Emergency procedures Theory
  • Relevant theoretical preparation   will be provided before each simulator flight


Simulator Flight Training

Number Name Time
1 Familiarization +Hovering and repositioning 00:30
21 Instrument and back-up instrument manoeuvring flight – training 00:30
25 Instrument flight terminated with instrument approach in IMC conditions – training (NDB, ILS, PAR) 01:00
27 Cross country flight in IMC conditions – training 01:00
560 Abnormal
Danger (excessive) vibration, Drop of oil pressure, Metal chips, Troubles with main, intermediate and tail gearboxes, Failure of service tank booster pump, Clogging of fuel filter, 270l FUEL REMAIN, Failure of gyro horizonts, Failure of two speed indicators, Failure of  rectifiers 02:00
580 Emergency procedures Failure of two generators, Fire in engine, KO-50, main gearbox and APU compartments, Failure of two engines in the air, Flight with one engine inoperative, Vortex ring, Failure of directional control, Tail rotor failure 03:00

Ground school

6 HRS / Person (FE)

Simulator Flight Training

8 HRS / Pilot

Mimima day
Minima night

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